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Schedule to consult from Fall 2014

Page history last edited by Jane Asher 9 years, 5 months ago

Schedule of Studies

English 1180-S1610: Communications I


Assignments listed under each date must be completed before the next class session.

Previous Weeks are located at the bottom of this page






Syllabus Discussion

Student Contract/Student Survey


Read Ch. 1 in WOW

Review Syllabus-submit contract on Wednesday

Get familiar with the blog and with ANGEL by the end of the week


Wednesday, August 27

Discuss “Words and the World” (WOW ch. 1)/ The evolution of language


Read Pages 20-32 in WOW

Read Pages 64-72 in CWH

Complete Reflection Essay (apply Paragraph rules from CWH reading)


Monday, September 1: No Class


Wednesday, September 3

Collect Reflection Essays

Introduction to Rhetoric

Discuss Mandela’s speech (page 28 in WOW)

Discuss Response I—Thinking Critically (CWH pages 123-125)


Read Chapters 3 and 4 in WOW (skip: pages 55-60 and 71-74)

Complete Response I (Douglass)


Monday, September 8

Discuss Reflection Essays

Discuss WOW chapters 3 and 4

Douglass/ Response I/ Paragraphing


Read pages 84-85, 90-95 (“Road Trip”) and pages 103-113 in WOW Chapter 5


Wednesday, September 10

Narration/Introduce Essay I

Narrative Topics and Introductions

Discuss “Road Trip”


Read “Momma’s Encounter” (Handout)

Email me for WWI by Sunday-refer to Syllabus for email etiquette

Monday, September 15

Discuss “Momma’s Encounter”


Complete Invention Exercise I


Wednesday, September 17

Invention Workshop

Writing Workshop I-Quiz on Monday


Review Writing Workshop I materials for Quiz

Read Student samples "Caught You Caring" and "Summer Trial"

Thinking ahead: rough draft is due in a week


Monday, September 22

Writing Workshop I review and quiz

Discuss Student Sample and Rubric

Vivid Writing Exercises


Bring draft of Essay I to class for PRI


Wednesday, September 24

Review Writing Workshop Quiz

Finish Vivid Writing Examples



Final Draft of Essay I due at the start of class. Have everything organized and ready to turn in:

  1. Final Draft (on top)
  2. Edited Rough Draft
  3. PRI document
  4. Graded Invention Exercise I
  5. Rubric (include your name and your PRI partner’s name)


Monday, September 29

Collect Essay I

Definition as a rhetorical strategy: Homeschooling Example


Read “The Avatar Age” (pages 185-189 in WOW)


Wednesday, October 1

Discuss: “The Avatar Age”

Introduce Essay II


Read WOW pages 167-172 and WOW pages 190-193

Complete Response 2 (Trophy Kids)


Monday, October 6

Discuss “Trophy Kids”

Share and collect Response 2

Choosing Topics-Pop Culture Ideas/Thinking Outside the Dictionary

Discuss WOW pages 190-193


CompleteInvention Exercise II (open file and type answers)

Read Definition Sample “Caring for Your Introvert” (handout or follow link)


Wednesday, October 8

Discuss "Caring For Your Introvert"

Definition Tips and Techniques

Invention Workshop

Get Essay II topics approved (signature on Invention Exercise II)

Pick up Essay I before you leave. Revisions (<75%) are due on or before Monday, October 27. See syllabus for revision instructions.


Meet in Lab (J141) on Monday. Bring materials for outlining and drafting Essay II.


If I wrote "Revise and Resubmit," on your Response II, I highly encourage you to do the following:

1. Re-read the Response Guidelines and Response II assignment

2. Closely read over all my comments, and revise and edit your response in order to fix all content and mechanic-related errors.

3. Staple your new, perfectly polished response on top of the graded one, and resubmit it to me on Monday.


Monday, October 13: Meet in Lab J141

Introductions and Organization: Foodie Example

Distribute Rubric


In Class: Outlining and Drafting

Meet in J141 on Wednesday


Wednesday, October 15: Meet in Lab J141

Discuss Rubric

In Class Outlining and Drafting

Outline Check (topic must be approved and outline must be signed before you leave)


Complete draft of Essay II due for PRII.

If you haven't done so already, you must read the Email Etiquette Handout

Bring your graded Essay I to class on Monday (for WWII)


Monday, October 20

Writing Workshop II (Samples from Essay I)



Final Draft of Essay II due (with all the required components)

  1. Final Draft (on top)
  2. Edited Rough Draft
  3. PRII document
  4. Signed Outline
  5. Signed Invention II assignment
  6. Rubric (fill in your name and PR partner's name)


Wednesday, October 22

Mid semester survey

Introduction to Evaluation: WOW Chapter 9

Everyday Value: Using Evaluation


Read “Start Your Engines: Remote Possibilities” (pages 266-269 in WOW)

Essay I Revisions (<75%) are due on or before Monday, October 27. See syllabus for revision instructions.





Monday, October 27

Survey Responses

Discuss Reading: Product Evaluations

Complete Evaluation Essay Structure and Organization Worksheet in class

Product Evaluation Project


Closely read over Product Evaluation instructions

Choose product and group for Product Evaluation Project (see ideas on project page).

Have ideas and materials to get to work in J141 on Wednesday.



Wednesday, October 29: Meet in the Lab J141

Evaluation Group work


Work on Evaluation Project


Monday, November 3: Meet in the Lab J 141

Evaluation Group work


Read “Why I Still Watch Lost” (pages 295-299 in WOW)

Complete Mechanics Review Worksheet


Wednesday, November 5

Distribute and Discuss Product Evaluation Rubric

Mechanics Review

Discuss "Why I Still Watch Lost"/Media Evaluations


If you want me to make copies of your handout for your presentation on Monday, you must give it to me by the end of class today, or email it to me by 10 a.m. Thursday.

If not, you are responsible for bringing 28 copies to class for your presentation on Monday.


Prepare for Product Evaluation Presentations on Monday


Monday, November 10

Product Evaluation Presentations


Wednesday, November 12

Introduce Essay III

Background for film

Sample Review Essays


Complete Pre-Viewing Section of Film Analysis Worksheet


Monday, November 17

Film Analysis Worksheet Pre-viewing check

Film Screening


Complete Film Analysis Worksheet


Wednesday, November 19

Film Analysis Worksheet Check--signature required (due with Essay III final)

Return/Discuss Evaluation Projects/Discuss Thesis Statements

Essay III Tips and Techniques

Essay III Rubric


Draft of Essay III due for PR


Monday, November 24

Essay III wrap up


Thesis Check/One-on-one help


Read “You Have No Friends” (WOW pages 309-313)

Final Draft of Essay III due

  1. Final Draft (on top)
  2. Edited Rough Draft
  3. PRIII document
  4. Signed Film Analysis Worksheet
  5. Rubric (fill in your name and partner's name)


Wednesday, November 26: No Class

Happy Thanksgiving!


Monday, December 1

Collect Essay III

Introduction to Argument: WOW Chapter 10

“You Have No Friends”: Evaluation and Argument

Thesis Statements/Parallelism


Read “Don’t Blame the Eater” (Handout)


Wednesday, December 3

Discuss “Don’t Blame the Eater”

Arguing Your Position: 3 ways to respond

Complete thesis challenge: Smartphones


Complete Parallelism Worksheet 24A (refer to Handbook pages 187-189)

and "More Parallelism Practice" worksheet




Monday, December 8



Parallelism Worksheet 24A

"More Parallelism Practice"

Parallelism/Modifiers Continued: Part 10 unit 6 Worksheet

Thesis Challenge

Return/Discuss Essay III

Revisions of Essay III (<75%) are due by Wednesday, December 17.



Wednesday, December 10

Sample Position Prompts and Argument Exercise


Complete Argument Exercise in class




Monday, December 15

Argument Exercise Continued

Sample Exam Prompt


Meet in C-129 for exam on Wednesday

Exam will begin promptly at 9 a.m. Latecomers will not be able to enter the room after the exam has begun.


Prep for Exam


Wednesday, December 17: Meet in the Lab C-129

Final: Essay IV (Position Prompt)


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