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Monday, November 24

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Essay III wrap up


Thesis Check/One-on-one help


Read “You Have No Friends” (WOW pages 309-313)

Final Draft of Essay III due at 9 a.m. sharp

  1. Final Draft (on top)
  2. Edited Rough Draft
  3. PRIII document
  4. Signed Film Analysis  Worksheet
  5. Rubric (fill in your name and partner's name)


Reminders: No Class Wednesday

                              Weekend emails--I'll be out of town 

Look over drafts (3-4 pages/Works Cited)

Assign PR partners

Complete PRIII


Thesis Check--I'll be going around and checking your thesis statements/organization


Individual Help--take advantage!  This essay if worth 20% of your grade.


Thesis Statement (included in introduction)

  • Identifies suitable evaluation criteria a documentary film (how are you assigning value to the film?
  • Develops a specific lens to evaluate the film—includes a balanced evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses.
  • Serves as a strong road map (enough for a 3-4 page essay, contains 3-4 main points)
  • Is well-written—parallel, clear, and mechanically sound






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