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Monday, October 27

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Collect Essay I Revisions

Survey Responses

Discuss Reading: Product Evaluations

Complete Evaluation Essay Structure and Organization Worksheet in class

Product Evaluation Project


Closely read over Product Evaluation instructions

Choose product and group for Product Evaluation Project (see ideas on project page).

Have ideas and materials to get to work in J141 on Wednesday.




1. What have you liked about the class thus far?

the blog

leaning to write at the college level

class if fun

I like the small homework amount

I really enjoyed the essays. Wish there were more.

writing workshop

professor is hands on and cares about what she teaches

the most useful English class in my life

class discussions

everyone respects one another

professor is helpful

thorough explanation of each lesson

I have enjoyed this class a great deal. Everything is clearly explained, questions are answered properly, and help is always offered

class time flies by


2. What do you dislike about the class thus far?

can be boring. Would vote best professor if give class automatic A.

writing on the chalkboard

I do not like this class because the essays are hard. I feel like we have an essay every week.

Annoying when people don't participate

definition essay--it is new to me

nothing   iii

peer review   iiii  (WHY? SUGGESTIONS?)

the papers

the way papers are graded--tough and scary

unexpected quizzes (sometimes we have them and sometimes we just talk about the material)

essays are difficult


3. What would you like to see, or see more of, in the class in the future?

more time writing the essays

more work.

more fun

more participation

more group work

more grammar/mechanics help

I would love to see you hold back some of the essays and not have so many

a film and write something about it ii


4. In the beginning of the semester, I try my best to make sure students know what to expect from the course and my teaching methods. Think back to the beginning of the semester and to the objectives/policies/procedures described in the syllabus. Can you think of anything that I didn't mention--something that would have been helpful to know at the beginning of the semester?

remind us about the quizzes

you could have shown us how to check our grades online

you never mention how tough your grading is


5. How would you describe the class in one word?



good ii







challenging iii





6. Any other comments you'd like to add?

ways for extra credit


Product Evaluations

“Start Your Engines: Remote Possibilities” (pages 266-269 in WOW)

by Steve Campbell


Paragraph 1: What does this first paragraph of the evaluation do?

Note point of view--why is "YOU" okay here?


Paragraph 2: 

Introduction of solution/product

Evaluation Thesis


Something is good because of criteria A, B, and C




Evaluation Thesis Statement:

Remote starters are a beneficial purchase because they are undeniably convenient, easily obtainable, and reasonably priced.  


What type of criteria are these?

Aesthetic, Practical, or Ethical


Notice the mechanics of this thesis statement--how each item in the list is parallel.

Remote starters are a beneficial purchase because they are 

undeniably convenient

(because they are) easily obtainable

(because they are) reasonably priced.  



As opposed to an evaluation thesis like this: 

Remote starters are a beneficial purchase because they offer undeniable convenience, it is easy to obtain one,  and reasonably priced.


(because they) offer undeniable convenience

 (because they?) it is easy to obtain one

 (because they?) reasonably priced



If we wanted to begin like this:

Remote starters are a beneficial purchase because they offer undeniable convenience...

how would we make the other two criteria parallel?


Determining the Structure/Organization of an Evaluation Argument


Worksheet Doc

Evaluation Argument Structure and Organization Worksheet


“Start Your Engines: Remote Possibilities” by Steve Campbell



This essay is organized into 5 sections which all serve a different purpose in developing the Evaluation Argument:


I. Introduction

II. Background Information

III. Criteria 1 Support

            Feature A

            Feature B

IV. Criteria 2 Support

V. Criteria 3 Support


However, the essay does not follow the 1 section=1 paragraph structure. Instead, each section is split into multiple paragraphs, and Campbell uses bold headings to help organize the essay.



Paragraph 1: Introduction—describing the problem/setting up a need for the product

Paragraph 2: Continues Introduction—presents product as solution to the problem

            Presents Evaluation Argument Thesis/Road Map for the Essay

 Remote starters are a beneficial purchase because they are (1) undeniably convenient, (2) easily obtainable, and (3) reasonably priced. 



Paragraphs 3 and 4: Provides background information about how remote starters work and how functional and efficient they have become


Now, we move back to the road map—to explaining and supporting the criteria for evaluation



Paragraph 5 begins to support ______________________ (what criteria?)


through the example of _______________________ (feature A)


What does Campbell specifically illustrate about feature A in order to support his evaluation argument?






Paragraph 6

Continues to focus on _________________ (what same criteria?) by providing more


Information about __________________ (feature A). 


What is this claim? 




Paragraph 7

Continues to focus on _________________ (what same criteria?) by offering yet another


example about ____________________(feature A).


What is this claim?




III (B).

Paragraph 8

Continues to focus on______________________ (still the same criteria) but moves on to


another example, which is __________________________ (feature B)


What is Campbell’s first claim about feature B in this paragraph?




Paragraph 9

Continues to focus on ______________________(still the same criteria) by offering


another example about ________________________(feature B).


What is this example about feature B?




Paragraph 10

What is the purpose of this paragraph?

Does it still focus on Criteria 1/feature B? Does it do so in the same format as Paragraphs 8 and 9?







II. Paragraph 11

Shifts to ________________________(a different criteria)


and offers support for this criteria through __________________________________________________________(what example?)



Paragraph 12

Continues to focus on ____________________(the same criteria)


and offers support for this criteria through

__________________________________________________________(what example?)




Paragraph 13

Shifts to ____________________________(a different criteria)


And offers support for this criteria through

____________________________________________________(what information?)



Paragraph 14

Continues to build on __________________________(the same criteria) by connecting it


to the related topic of __________________________________ and presenting the


reader with _______________________________________________(what important, final impression?)





I. Introduction (paragraphs 1 and 2)

          1. undeniable convenience 2. easily obtainable 3. reasonably priced

How does the essay follow the road map? 

 Remote starters are a beneficial purchase because they are undeniably convenient, easily obtainable, and reasonably priced. 


II. Background about Remote Starters and current innovations (Paragraphs 3 and 4)

III. 2 categories of Support for Criteria 1: Two-Way System and Timers

     1. The Two-Way system is one feature that provides undeniable convenience because

  •       it has all the functionality of a remote fob and more (paragraph 5)
  •       it eliminates guesswork (paragraph 6)
  •      it has interactive and easy to understand display and alerts (paragraph 7)

    2.   Timers are another feature that provides undeniable convenience because

 programmable to start at predetermined times and run for a set duration of time (8)

     timers can also be programmed to activate heater/ uses temperature sensor (9)

     a warning--remember to shut it off

III. Support for Criteria 2: easily obtainable

     can be added to your vehicles existing system (11)

     can also accommodate diesel engines (12)

IV: Support for Criteria 3: Cost and Installation

     make sure you are getting what you pay for/professional installers (13 and 14)






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