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Class 15 winter 2016

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Collect Make Up Responses


Follow up: Ballots from Product Evaluation Projects


Discuss readings: Evaluating Documentaries


Collect Film Evaluation Worksheet (after Discussion)


Introduce Essay III 

Introductory Material for Film



  1. Read/Review Essay III page
  2. Read/Review  Introduction to Craigslist Joe page to prepare for film screening
  3. Complete Pre-viewing section of Film Analysis Worksheet(Response 3) and read through questions prior to the film screening



Jodi's Presentation

Product Evaluation Product Project: Contest and Thesis Statements


The results are in.


Best Product Evaluation Project Winner....







Congrats to Taylor and Kyra


Why you voted for Taylor and Kyra:

strong appeal to pathos

good support for criteria/ethos

a lot of information



Your Thesis Statements/Ballots

What are we looking for in a strong thesis statement?

Criteria for Evaluation:

  • direct statement of value
  • clear, specific, and applicable criteria
  • solid sentence that is well-written, parallel, and mechanically sound


Provided Sample:

Molly Milton's product evaluation of La Croix Sparkling Water was the most convincing project because she appealed to pathos by creatively presting a need for the product, she enthusiastically described the benefits of purchasing and drinking La Croix by comparing it to other popular sparkling water brands, and she designed her handout in an easy-to follow and appealing fashion. 


(notice it's one sentence, lists criteria in parallel format, and it is written in 3rd person)






Finally, the winning thesis statement...







Congrats to Shue!


Dadrion James product evaluation of Quizlet App is the most convincing product evaluation because she made her thesis clear and well organized, she appealed to ethos by telling us her own experience using Quizlet how it helped her in some of her college classes, and instead of telling us how to use Quizlet, she showed us by supporting it with pictures and explain how it worked. 




-identifies 3 applicable criteria (based on the rubric/assignment requirements) and specifies something about each of those criteria

-solid ideas



Ideas for revision?





Parallelism Review


Image result for parallelism in sentences


Parallelism means that similar ideas in a sentence are expressed in similar grammatical form. It means balancing words with words, phrases with phrases, and clauses with clauses. Use parallelism to make your sentences flow smoothly and your thoughts easy to follow.




Discussion: Evaluating Documentary Films


Gary Garrison's Review of I am Chris Farley

Brian Tallerico's Review of Montage of Heck


Both of these articles are evaluating the same genre of film:

documentary film is a nonfictional motion picture intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction or maintaining a historical record.[1]



What kind of documentary films do they evaluate?









Based on these two reviews, what types of criteria do we use to evaluate documentaries (or even more specifically, biographical documentaries about celebrities)?

In other words, what do reviewers look for in a good documentary?


What do reviewers look for in a good biographical documentary?



Gary Garrison's Review of I am Chris Farley


What value does he assign?

What is his thesis?







Clue words for critical evaluation

2 parts: what it attempts to do and what actually happens



Paragraphs 2-4 (purpose)

Paragraph 5

Paragraph 6: further development of thesis/what do we expect in a biographical documentary?

Paragraph 7: Technical Level (what is the claim here?)

Paragraph 8 (conclusion)



In Brian Tallerico's Review of Montage of Heckwe see a different approach and a different evaluation argument.


Introduction: Why does Tallerico use narration?  How is it related to his overall purpose?



Paragraph 3: What is the evaluative claim here?  

Tool: Classification

Typically documentaries about music icons take one of two approaches



Paragraph 4: the approach (how is he supporting his thesis here?)

Paragraph 5: content


Conclusion/Paragraph 6

     critical angle

     final impression


Discuss Essay III


Preparation for film screening:

Introduction to Craigslist Joe 




  1. Read/Review Essay III page
  2. Read/Review  Introduction to Craigslist Joe page to prepare for film screening
  3. Complete Pre-viewing section of Film Analysis Worksheet(Response 3) and read through questions prior to the film screening




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