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Class 11 winter 2016

Page history last edited by Jane Asher 7 years, 2 months ago



Finalize Products and Groups for Product Evaluation Project 

Circulate Product Evaluation Information (sign up) 

Distribute Product Evaluation Rubric

and checklist

Evaluation Group work



Work on Projects

Meet in C336 on Thursday






End of Class: Return and Discuss Essay I

The good and the bad:

Purpose: So What? Why should we care?




Peer review grades


Revision Instructions

Remember that you can choose to revise 1 essay this semester (Essay I or Essay III: 76% or lower).


You will want to carefully weigh your decision to revise. Essay I is worth 15% of your grade,  and Essay III is worth 20%. Thus, depending on your grade, you may want to save your revision for a higher point essay.


If you decide that you want to revise and resubmit your essay for a new grade, you must send me an email by the announced deadline. In that email, you must

1) indicate your desire to revise your essay

2) briefly explain the major issues with your essay and what grade you received


Once I receive your email request, I will contact you with revision instructions and schedule a revision appointment with you.  


You should only seek to revise your essay  if you are genuinely committed to the PROCESS entailed in writing a revision. The process is purposely designed to be rigorous in order to ensure that students dedicate a substantial amount of time and effort into rewriting their essays. If you received under a 76% on your essay, you most likely encountered major issues with regard to both mechanics and content. That means that writing a revision will require a significant amount of rewriting, restructuring, and editing. In other words, a successful revision will entail much more than just editing a few sentences or adding a couple of lines.


Revision Deadlines:

Email me by Friday, April 1. (meetings will be scheduled for next week)

Revisions due on or before Thursday, April 14.




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