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Class 10 winter 2016

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Discuss reading and Response 2

Discuss Product Evaluation Project (Essay II)

Product Evaluation Project Checklist.doc




  1. Read WOW Ch. 14 (“Visual Design”)
  2. Read/Review Product Evaluation Page 
  3. Choose product for project and decide if you plan to work in a group or not (choose group)
  4. By Thursday (3/24), I highly recommend that you send me an email (1) identifying the product you plan to use for project, (2) your group members (if you have chosen to work in a group), (3) a description of some of your ideas for the project, and (4) any questions that you may have.



No classes next week

Meet in C336 on Tuesday, 3/29 and bring materials to work on project






WOW Chapter 9: Evaluation Cont.



Based on what we've been learning and discussing thus far, what are the key elements of a successful evaluation argument essay? What is the purpose of this type of essay? What must an evaluation argument contain?  What must they do?


Think about the purpose of this kind of essay and about all the parts.

Let's list all the characteristics/conventions/rhetorical strategies of a successful evaluation argument essay.



Image result for product evaluation








What elements do we typically find in the introductory material?

What makes up the majority of the body paragraphs?

How are effective evaluation arguments organized?

How do writers appeal to ethos, pathos, and logos in evaluation arguments?

Now that we've reviewed the rhetorical moves and the conventions that writers use to be effective evaluators, let's turn our attention to


Review from Wired

“Fitbit Charge HR: Turn the Beat Around” by Christina Bonnington






Response 2 asked you  to "evaluate" the rhetorical strengths of Bonnington's evaluation argument--to assign value to the essay--to present an argument about the quality of Bonnington's argument--to determine how if and to what extent she does all the things that an evaluation argument is supposed to do.


Basic Comprehension:

What is Bonnington's purpose?  How is she assigning value to the Fitbit Charge HR? Is this is positive or negative evaluation?

 How do we know? Examples in the text that support this?




Now, how did you evaluate Bonnington's article?  What criteria did you use?




What value did you assign it?  (good or bad)


Did you argue that it is a weak evaluation argument?




Did you identify it as a strong, well-developed evaluation argument?



Is there a right answer?  Is there a wrong answer?

Is it simply a matter of opinion?

What do you think? 


Let's figure it out.

Evaluation Wars: 4 volunteers (2 from each camp) to share their thesis statements and ideas for support.


Will there be a winner? 


Image result for opposing viewpoints

 Triple Evaluation: MIND BLOWING

Now, let's evaluate these thesis statements that evaluate Bonnington's evaluation.




Discuss Product Evaluation Project (Essay II)

Product Evaluation Project Checklist.doc




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