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Class 8 winter 2016

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WWI quiz 



  1. Read “Start Your Engines: Remote Possibilities” (pages 266-269 in WOW)
  2. Final Draft of Essay I due on T 3/15 at 2 p.m. sharp (after Spring Break)

Have everything organized and ready to turn in:

  1. Rubric (filled out and paper clipped on top)
  2. Final Draft (on top)
  3.  Edited Rough Draft
  4.  PRI document (blue)
  5. Signed invention Exercise I 



WWI review:


The major comma rules

semi-colon rule

Finish Worksheet Part 2: fragments, run-ons and comma splices 



Modifiers: pg. 257


A modifier is a word, phrase, or clause that describes, limits or qualifies another word or word group in a sentence. A modifier should be placed close to the word it modifies.



Identify Modifiers:

  • The bridge across the river swayed in the wind.

  • Walking along the shore, Mary watched the boats.



Examples of Misplaced Modifiers:


  • Venus de Milo is a statue created by a famous artist with no arms.

  • He approached the lion with fear in his heart.


Other examples:

Exercise 27.4



Dangling Modifier: a word or phrase that cannot logically modify any word in the sentence (page 262)



Using this drug, many undesirable side effects are experienced.


Fix this problem by adding a subject to the sentence.






Exercise 27.6 (page 263)



Revising Agreement Errors: Chapter 26 (pg. 250)


1. Subject/Verb Agreement

Exercise 26.1



2. Making pronouns and antecedents agree (pg. 254)

a pronoun must agree with its antecedent--the word or word group to which the pronoun refers



One of your roommates left their lights on.


Can a small child explain what they want?

Give this free sample to the first customer who comes in, and ask them to taste it.


If a doctor is well-trained, they will know how to handle many different situations.




4. Maintain consistent tense and point of view




When we arrive at the station, we saw all of the family, and you wouldn't believe how excited I was.


I understand the lesson, but I hated doing the homework.


We were on the plan for six hours, and you get tired of sitting that long.


If employees read the manual, then you should know how to handle the issue.


It is wise for a new driver to avoid traffic until you have more experience.



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